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Renoun Founder Cyrus Schenck deconstructs a ski into its core elements to give you a behind-the-scenes look into what it takes to make a world-class ski.
We've put together a fun little 9-episode series on the different materials that go into making a ski.

Click on each page to check out all of the elements to construction a ski.

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Part 1- Bases

Episode 1

Bases connect you with the snow and are your first line of defense against a wrong move. They also need to glide smoothly run after run, day after day. Even with this high bar, they still manage to overachieve.

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Episode 2-Edges

Episode 2

Hardened steel edges are key to keeping you on track at the mountain—but skis haven't always had them. Fun fact: without edges, we not only lose our ability to carve but also a great deal of the stiffness of the ski.

Episode 3- VDS Rubber

Episode 3
VDS rubber is like a stiff drink when the in-laws are over—it helps everyone get along a little bit better. VDS helps two very different materials, steel edges and plastic sidewall, to be joined without fracturing and falling apart after years of flexing. Simple, yet vital.

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Part 4 - Core

Episode 4
The backbone to every ski and the single most important element. They say you shouldn't pick favorites, but the core is where the magic happens and where we embed our proprietary VibeStop™️ polymer. Just don't tell the other layers.

Part 5 - Sidewall

Episode 5
The sidewall protects the wood core from impacts and water damage. It also acts as a shock absorber above your edge when you hit something hard. Without its malleable characteristics, a ski would break far easier.

Part 6 - Tip/Tail

Episode 6
Much like sidewall, the tip & tail spacers provide protection against damage and water. Most notably, they help the ski stay together should you decide to use your ski as a walking staff (which, we beg you not!).

Part 7 - Metal

Episode 7
Please, put down the knives! Metal is heralded as the arbiter of truth with it comes to stability but, unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. Its unique properties give skis better torsional regality, and actually a negligible increase in stiffness. Don't believe us? Watch now.

Part 8 - Fiberglass

Episode 8
Who knew glass could be this strong? Fiberglass (and sometimes carbon fiber) is the primary method of strengthening a ski. Once it's mixed with epoxy, it becomes tough as nails.

Part 9 - Topsheet

Episode 9
The cherry on top and where the ski comes to life. The topsheet is where artists, designers, and tattoo artists can unleash a masterpiece and breathe some life into the technological marvel beneath.
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