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  1. Yoeri

    What brand is this ski please ?

    Hey can anyone tell me what brand this ski is ? Thanks
  2. Tricia

    Colorado Aspen Skiing Co plans to move forward on capital improvements

    In an interview with Aspen Times, Kaplan assures that Aspen Ski Co that they plan on moving forward with the capital improvements that were announced earlier this year. - Alterra Mountain Company Announces $223 Million in Capital Improvements for the 2020/2021 Winter Season Clip from article...
  3. coskigirl

    Ikon Pass 20/21 Prices Posted

    Interesting that they’ve moved JH and Aspen to an add on for the base pass. https://www.ikonpass.com/
  4. Slim

    Trip Reports Backcountry girls

    We just returned from another awesome family ski trip to Colorado. I am so happy we can do this as a family: my wife, me, and our 9 and 12 year old daughters. We spent most of our time in Aspen. and did the "Sugar bowls" tour twice while we were there, in addition to resort skiing. This is a...
  5. Dr. Mark

    Colorado No NARSIDS for me at Snowmass

    At Snowmass, after skiing a couple of dreamy runs through Hanging Valley, I was poking around the runs off the Elk Camp lift. On the map the Burnt Mtn. Glades looked promising. I don't normally hike much, but this was a walk not a climb to some sweet and relatively untracked terrain. Immediately...
  6. C

    83 yo Dies After Skiing into HalfPipe

    This is about as sad as it gets imo https://www.vaildaily.com/news/83-year-old-man-dies-after-falling-into-snowmass-resort-halfpipe/
  7. O

    How are the crowds

    Are the crowds the same or better at some of the IKON distentions like JH and Aspen? Was last year a fluke due to the weather?
  8. Lofcaudio

    2020 SKI Magazine's Top 50 Resorts in NA

    I just got my SKI magazine in the mail yesterday where they rank the overall Top 30 resorts in the West and Top 20 in the East, with some random subcategory rankings sprinkled in for good measure. As always, there are some head-scratchers. Overall Top 10 in West: 1) Aspen/Snowmass 2) Sun...
  9. M

    Ideas for Mens ski trip

    Hello Not sure this is the best forum to post in, if there is a better one please let me know and I will move or have the discussion moved to a better forum. I am thinking of planning a ski trip for for myself and my cousins / friends to attend. We are in our 40s to early 50s. Not sure how...
  10. pchewn

    Man who threw snowboarder off lift set for release from Mental Hospital

    In January 2016 he threw a snowboarder from a lift at Aspen. Now about 3-1/2 years later he is set to be released from the mental hospital. The prosecutor is objecting to this release. News about release: https://snowbrains.com/aspen-chairlift-thrower-released/ News from original incident...
  11. Nathanvg

    Airports to avoid

    For years I have avoided most regional airports. While regional airports can work great, when things go wrong it's a pretty horrible experience with long delays, major extra costs and sometimes canceled trips altogether. Recently, I became aware of government data on exactly how bad each...
  12. Mike King

    Colorado Aspen Prepares for Ikon Influx

    From the Aspen Times: https://www.aspentimes.com/news/local/aspen-skiing-co-to-adjust-for-ikon-crowds-in-19-20-season/?utm_source=second-street&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=sunrise-rundown
  13. jmeb

    $2.4mil theft of ski gear from Aspen

    So now I'm a bit curious about the providence of the half dozen pairs of high-end demos skis I've steered friends to on ebay from the same seller in Aspen.... https://www.aspentimes.com/news/cops-former-city-councilman-stole-2-4-million-from-aspen-skiing-co/
  14. Tricia

    Colorado Press Release: Aspen Pass now includes Base IKON Pass

    SAME PRICE, MORE BENEFITS PREMIER PASSES NOW INCLUDE IKON BASE! We’re not superstitious, but since we’d like next season to be just like this one, we’ll start by offering 2019-2020 season passes at this season’s best price! And to show our gratitude, we’re throwing in some additional benefits...
  15. Suzski

    Bumps for Boomers Clinics - Pros/Cons?

    I'm planning ahead for next season and am considering the BFB clinic in Aspen. Just curious whether anyone has done this clinic and what your impressions are. It is pricey so I'm trying to do some grassroots research. Many thanx in advance.
  16. Tricia

    Highlands Ridge avalanche near Aspen

    I know you've probably seen a ton of images of this avalanche but here is the report from CAIC The avalanche had a crown a mile long and came down with such force, it crossed the creek at the valley bottom and came up the other side, downing trees. They are calling this a landscape altering...
  17. Moose32

    Book: "Ski Town, Race Town"

    Has anyone looked at this book? If so, any thoughts (or reviews)? Have a great weekend. https://www.aspentimes.com/news/weekly/ski-town-race-town-celebrates-the-history-of-ski-racing-in-aspen/
  18. Mike King

    Park death at Snowmass

    in the medium (Makaha) park right under the Village Express lift. Terrible. RIP. https://www.aspentimes.com/news/person-dies-sunday-morning-at-snowmass-resort-terrain-park/
  19. D

    Yet another avalanche death. Aspen this time.

  20. O

    Most expensive resorts in North America

    I always thought Jackson or Whistler were the most expensive until i started looking into Aspen/Snowmass. Lodging is around 300 a night.