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mountain collective pass

  1. The High-Priced Daily Lift Ticket Is Seeing a Pushback

    The High-Priced Daily Lift Ticket Is Seeing a Pushback

    Mt. Rose-Courtesy of Andy Mink We are finally seeing the pushback against high-priced daily lift passes. One of the trends we saw this past Christmas in the Tahoe Basin was that many day skiers were bypassing the major resorts with their $200+ day tickets and heading to the smaller resorts and...
  2. Philpug

    Article in the New York Times about Multi Passes, Pugski.com and the Gathering

    NYT Article: Multi-Mountain Passes Have Upended the Ski Trip. 9 Rules You Need to Know From the article: By Elisabeth Vincentelli For decades, ski vacations followed a predictable pattern, and it went a little like this: pick a mountain, book accommodations, fly or drive to the resort, buy...
  3. Jimski

    Which Pass to Buy?

    Epic, Ikon, Mountain Collective -- which is best? There may already be an informative thread on this. If so, just point me to it. I'm particularly interested in which would be best in view of where next season's Gatherings will be held (if that has been decided). Thanks!
  4. O

    epic vs IKON 19/20

    Will the places that have the Epic pass be less crowded than the IKON resorts? and whos renewing their IKON pass? Iwas pretty discouraged at some of the IKON resorts this year due to crowds. A friend of mines just came back from Whistler and noticed it was a lot less crowded compared to last...
  5. S

    Mountain Collective 2019/2020

    https://www.nzski.com/footer/mountain-collective/ Am I reading this correctly? If you go to the second paragraph is talks about the 19/20 Mountain Collective pass. Does this mean it is locked in again? I certainly hope so. I plan on using it in NZ this August and then US in early 2020 if it is...
  6. TonyPlush

    Utah Questions about 1 night near Salt Lake City

    So, I hit what I consider the best jackpot possible at work. I'll have a work-paid trip to Salt Lake City during winter! Of course, this means a chance to sneak in a day or two on the mountain. Basically, I plan to stay in a hotel Friday night, ski bell-to-bell on Saturday, and then catch an...
  7. Jim Kenney

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Northern Rockies Road Trip: Part 1, Utah and Jackson

    This is a recap of a successful roadtrip I made through the Northern Rockies with my wife and son over the span of about three weeks in March 2018. I used the Mountain Collective Pass (MCP) and covered 2,000 mi while resort-hopping from Salt Lake City to Calgary. We skied at eight excellent ski...
  8. David Chaus

    Indie Resorts: Who’s Left? (Part 1, West)

    Indie Resorts: Who’s Left? (West) With the early June announcement that Vail had acquired Okemo, Sunapee, Crested Butte, and Stevens Pass, the Pacific Northwest became an active piece of the multiresort season pass chess game between Alterra and Vail. Within a few short months, Alterra added a...
  9. Andy Mink

    Hacks...or, what makes skiing easier?

    As I get into my 3rd year as a returning skier, many things have changed. Obviously, the skis and boots themselves are a huge step forward in helping me enjoy myself on the slopes. What are your favorite helpful hacks/ideas/processes that make life easier getting to, on, and returning from the...
  10. Tricia

    OFFICIAL 2019 Big Sky Gathering General Information

    2019 Gathering Big Sky Montana February 24 - March 2 This is a living post and will be changed as new information becomes available Schedule and General Information: Meeting Place: We will be in the Mountain Village at Big Sky, not to be mistaken with the Meadow Village at Big Sky. We will...
  11. skidrew

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky 2018-19

    At the suggestion of others . . . away we go! Keep tabs on the Ramcharger 8 lift build (and Ramcharger removal/relocation) here: Looks like the chairs have already been removed from the lift and are stashed near Swifty for the time being.
  12. I

    Best of the Rest: Non-Ikon/Epic/MCP Pass Discussion for 2018-2019

    I think most folks here are familiar with the oft discussed EPIC/ IKON/ Mountain Collective Passes. What about the other options out there? This thread is for passes that offer maximum value across multiple resorts that aren't any of the above three. If you know of one, add it here! Could be a...
  13. albertanskigirl

    Poll Canadians: What pass are you getting?

    Hey there, Canadians! I'm torn about what passes to get next year - do you have any thoughts? What are you getting? Has this multitude of passes changed the way you do things? I ski mostly locally, but SO and I are thinking of doing a trip to Whistler as well next yer. Right now, I'm torn...
  14. T

    Respectfully request guidance on selecting the right powder skis

    Respectfully request guidance on selecting the right powder skis. I'm a 185 pound 5'9" mid level skier that usually skis about 10 days a year in the east and 10 days a year in the west. I'm hoping to bump up the days I ski out west in the coming years. I am currently able to wait for what looks...
  15. P

    Mountain Collective 2018-19 is out

    Looks like the MCP is out for 2018-19. The price is $409 and $1 for kids. The line up is the same as this year with the addition of Big Sky (and loss of Telluride to Vail and Hakuba) You can buy it today at https://mountaincollective.com/ Given only $190 price difference, I think Ikon may be...
  16. jspsj

    Mtn Coll trip late March: where to go?

    I am planning on going out West from March with my 8-year-old son to one of the Mountain Collective destinations. We cancelled a planned trip to Taos in January due to lack of snow. Where do y'all think we should go? In particular, any thoughts on Banff vs. Utah? Some pertinent background: --...
  17. coskigirl

    Mountain Collective Survey

    I just completed a survey from MCP and found a couple of questions intriguing. (I changed the below rankings before submitting as I had second thoughts.)
  18. S

    Aspen/KSL conglomerate to announce name soon, MCP news

    http://www.denverpost.com/2017/11/24/mountain-collective-pass-will-live-on/ Excerpts: Aspen Skiing Co.’s new sister ski conglomerate will soon announce its name and — probably more importantly to skiers and snowboarders — later in this season will unveil some new pass options for 2018-19...
  19. Started at 53

    Ski Passes

    I see they MC and Epic ski pass discussions, especially with this years Gathering and the use of the 3 mountains for the week. I/we could not see the use of an MC as we like to go somewhere and settle in for the stay. With a 2/2/3 (Gathering schedule) it is not a ski in/ski out situation...
  20. S

    Mountain Collective - Easiest resort to get to?

    So I bought the pass and booked trips to SLC and Banff. But I'm thinking about adding a super short (1-2 ski day) trip elsewhere. I'd be flying from Charlotte and looking for somewhere that I could possibly ski the same day, where the resort is super close and easy to get to from the airport and...