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Press Release: Vertical Brands (CB Sports & Neve) To Be a Title Sponsor on SkiTalk LIVE with Dan Egan

(Reno NV) The SkiTalk team is excited to announce our latest partnership with Vertical Brands, along with the skiwear collections under their umbrella, iconic labels CB Sports and Neve, as well as cold-weather apparel company Alpine Ascentials and the rebranded for Fall 2022 Couldveil Mountain Works.

Christopher R. Neary, the owner of Vertical Brands, is excited to be a title sponsor of SkiTalk.com LIVE with Dan Egan. “Skitalk.com has a great community of skiers and is a leader in ski media. We couldn’t be happier with the relationship with the SkiTalk Team!” Phil Pugliese, SkiTalk.com‘s co-owner, adds, "CB Sports and Neve are not only sewn into skiing’s history, but bring their timeless style into the future for a new generation to appreciate.”

Tricia Pugliese, SkiTalk.com's co-owner adds, “Along with being title sponsor of SkiTalk LIVE w/Dan Egan, Vertical Brands will provide products for our test team and social media posts, and also prizes in our upcoming Fall Giveaways.”

Dan Egan, Skitalk LIVE’s Hall of Fame host says, “We are proud to have CB Sports included as a sponsor of our Ski Talk Live show this season. Such an iconic brand with a long history of fashion, style and function. This is a partnership made in the mountains. SkiTalk Live represents all things snow and CB Sports is a legendary brand that embraces winter sports. Tune in each week and join the fun!" Lynne Wieland, who made the CB Sports Anorack famous from her roll as “Banana Pants” from Hot Dog: The Movie concludes, “You cannot talk about freestyle skiing in the 70’s without including CB clothing. It is great to see their return.”

About Vertical Brands:
Vertical Brands brings decades of experience, its global network in textile/product manufacturing, design talent and proven sales performance to every relationship. Vertical Brands is expertly capable in licensing, acquisition and partnerships.

About SkiTalk.com:
SkiTalk, Ski Reviews and Discussion Forum, is managed under the stewardship of Phil and Tricia Pugliese, two of the snow sport industry's most respected and read reviewers and product testers. SkiTalk evolved from Pugski.com's original tag line, "SkiTalk at a Higher Level." Pugski.com was founded in 2015.
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I started skiing in the mid-70s in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania; from then on, I found myself entrenched in the industry. I have worked in various ski shops from suburban to ski town to resort, giving me a well-rounded perspective on what skiers want from their gear. That experience was parlayed into my time as a Gear Review Editor and also consulting with manufacturers as a product tester. Along with being a Masterfit-trained bootfitter I am a fully certified self proclaimed Gear Guru. Not only do I keep up with the cutting edge of ski gear technology, but I am an avid gear collector and have an extensive array of bindings as well as many vintage skis.
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