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Preview: 2025 Fischer The Curv GT Collection

Motive, ProMTN, RCOne. Fischer has a long history of making skis in the upper 70 mm to mid 80 mm range that were standard bearers in the category. These have been and are now the skis that other manufacturers gun for.

Enter the all new 2025 The Curv collection. For Fischer, this is a significant departure from the outgoing RCOne skis. The Fischer RCOne 86 had a following, and a significant one at that. If you've read threads here about the 86 GT, there are over 425 replies and over 87,000 views in the four years that the ski has been around. You can revisit those conversations HERE.

This continues a trend of “Oh my God, they changed my beloved Fischer and it will never be the same.“ It was this way when the Motive was replaced by Pro MTN and then the Pro MTN by the RCOne. The replacement of the old Ranger with the current one generated the same reaction. I am here to walk you off of the ledge and tell you simply, “The new The Curv is all that and a bag of chips. And I like chips. You have 30 seconds to shed your tears and we are moving on.”

I first got a glimpse of the new series about a year and a half ago when we visited with Brian Landrigan at Fischer’s U.S. Headquarters in New Hampshire. It was still in its earlier stages of design and even then I liked the direction Fischer was going. The outgoing model, The RCOne 86 GT, was a great ski. It did everything asked of it, hell it probably make a really good Viennese apfelstrudel. But it wasn’t soul stirring, at least not for me. The new The Curv GT85 has chutzpa. It is a ski I want to ski versus have to ski. You can read our review HERE..

While the dimensions of the new The Curv’s do not change significantly from the RCOne’s, it is the shape that has changed dramatically. Gone is the gradual rise multipoint tip for a more rounded flared one with a bit more traditional rise. Gone is the tapered tail for a wider squared one, and across the board, the turn radii all have dropped 1-2 meters depending on size.


Fischer is offering two 76 mm options for intermediates. As the collection gets wider, we also see more performance with a new 80 mm mid model also offered in two color ways including a hot pink “ws” version and the flagship 85 GT M-Track. This is also available either as a system with the RSW12 or Protector 13 in the mainline green/yellow system ski, or a 85 GT Redefine. Unlike the rest of the The Curv collection which are offered with system bindings, the all new GT Redefine is available flat, but more importantly has a 36% savings in CO2 emissions because the sidewalls, bases and edges are made of recycled materials. The Curv Redefine concept will be seen in future Fischer products. The Redefine is produced in Austria.

Fischer is continuing forward with their Triple Radius sidecut which has longer radii in the forebody and tail and a shorter radius underfoot. Combining those longer radii with a shorter one underfoot creates a ski that is very versatile without the loss of power. Durability of top skins has been an issue of late and Fischer addressed that with a new more durable Top Foil topskin. On the flagship 85 GT, we are seeing Fischer’s new M-Track binding plate which allows the binding to stay at a consistent delta between the toe and the heel, allowing the skier, no matter their boot size, to have the same experience.

Fischer claims the new The Curv collection is more accessible in power. While I agree the 85 GT is a very smooth ski, I really feel the top end of the new collection definitely has a more powerful feel on the snow which will really expand the appeal. The new The Curv collection will again be the collection that other brands will be gunning for.
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Aside from color and the 145 & 180cm lengths, are the specs, construction etc between 'ws' and non-'ws' the same? Inquiring female minds want to know. Thanks!!
Aside from color and the 145 & 180cm lengths, are the specs, construction etc between 'ws' and non-'ws' the same? Inquiring female minds want to know. Thanks!!
No difference.

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