early season ski stoke

  1. jmeb

    Colorado 2019-2020 Colorado Weather and Stoke (and beer)

    And so it begins. White stuff fell on Arapahoe Basin last night. https://arapahoebasin.blogspot.com/2019/08/first-white-stuff.html
  2. dbostedo

    Mid-Atlantic Mid-Atlantic Conditions, Resorts, Meet-ups, and Stoke! 2018/2019

    Well Seven Springs was blowing snow today, and they're expecting a few inches of natural this week... so it's time for a Mid-Atlantic seasonal thread. It's been a fantastic start to the season in the Rockies... the midwest is about to open in several places... maybe the Appalachians can get...
  3. TQA

    2 meter dump in Switzerland and Northern Italy

    Resorts like Verbier are opening some slopes, some resorts say this the earliest they have ever opened. Could be another magnificent snow year in Europe.
  4. Tricia

    Firing up the snow gun stoke

    With Killington, Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, and a few others open for the season, along with the few resorts with soft openings like Mt Rose, the temperatures are dropping and we're seeing more ski hills firing up the guns. This is stoke worthy... I'll kick it off with Alpine Meadows
  5. CalG

    Arizona/New Mexico Taos off to a good start today?

    It looks good here https://live2.brownrice.com/embed/tsv
  6. LKLA

    New England 2018/19 Northeast

    Mount Snow opens this Saturday, October 27, with more available terrain than any resort in the Northeast with skiing and riding from top to bottom. Killington opened on October 19 and currently has three trails open ahead of this weekend - Rime, Reason and Upper East Fall - all for...
  7. Monster

    Season's turning - snow on Killi North Ridge atm. . .

  8. Mike Rogers

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Early Season Turns - Spray Valley, Alberta on October 6, 2018

    Winter seems to have come early to Alberta. After a week of white-knuckle commutes, I was bust some stress with some short powder laps this last Saturday. Apart from an open creek crossing, we were able to keep skis on from the highway to the top and back again. The snow in the alpine was...
  9. blackke17

    Utah 2018-19 Utah Weather and Stoke

    First snow of the season last night at Alta - wont be long now!!!
  10. dbostedo

    The race is on, first to open... 2018-19

    Since A-Basin has started making snow (https://theknow.denverpost.com/2018/09/21/arapahoe-basin-starting-snowmaking/196138/), I figured it was time for the annual threads.... So ladies, and gentleman.... Who's going to be the first to open? My guess is Loveland on October 12th.
  11. Core2

    Arizona/New Mexico 2018-19 Four Corners Weather, Conditions & Stoke

    First chance of snow is in the forecast for four corners area mountains next Tues/Weds from this hurricane moisture. Bring it on!
  12. SShore

    It’s Starting!

    Snow is forecasted for tonight through Monday night above 6500’. Let’s hope this is a repeat of last year. And keeping my fingers crossed, it may help with all of the fires around here and get rid of this damn smoke. No good having snow in the mountains when you can’t even see them.
  13. nay

    Colorado 2018-19 Colorado Weather and Stoke

  14. MountainMonster

    California/Nevada 2018 - 2019 Mammoth Mountain

    Last year this day, Aug 6th still open ! (IG feed) less than 100 until season opening.........................:daffy:
  15. Ron

    Steamboat First tracks BOGO till Friday.

  16. Carolinacub

    Southeast skiing

    So for those of us down here in the South, we have 2 openings today. Cataloochee and Sugar Mountain.
  17. Max Capacity

    New England Okemo, Nov 2017

    Here's one from Last Sunday Nov5th This one was taken today about 11AM Surprisingly the snow was pretty good for early season.
  18. SnowCountry

    Twas the night before the first ski day this season...

    Tonight is the night before my first ski day of the season. I'm nervous. Butterflies in my stomach. Rock skis or good skis? How will the crowds be tomorrow? Will I still enjoy skiing? Or will I get bored an hour in and try to find a different hobby? (Note to self: Doctor say to lose weight...
  19. JohnnyG

    Hello there

    Hello, I'm from Eastern Ontario. I like long rides on the snow, and watching sunsets while skiing. I'm hoping the skison begins soon! I used to have a Tremblant pass, but this year the wife and I opted for something a bit closer to get to on weeknights. Still commuting by bike, and feeling...
  20. LKLA

    Mount Snow

    Mount Snow will have 14 trails open this weekend - more than any other resort in the East. Planned terrain for opening day includes top-to-bottom skiing on: Cascade Canyon Free Fall Long John Additional trails planned for Saturday include: Deer Run River Run Little John Launch Pad More...