In this episode, host and extreme skiing pioneer Dan Egan is joined by
  • Steve Cohen, CEO and cofounder, Masterfit/America's Best Bootfitters
  • Greg Whitehouse, owner, California Ski Company
  • Eric Lipton, PSIA-AASI National Team member
  • Phil Pugliese, cofounder and owner,
Dan leads a wide-ranging discussion on the adaptations required by the ski industry to operate in the age of Covid. Panel experts Steve Cohen and Greg Whitehouse offer insight on new bootfitting practices. Eric Lipton describes the innovations required for safe and successful PSIA activities this winter. Phil Pugliese chimes in with related topics that are fueling conversations in the forums of Everyone agrees: safety first.

Each panel expert takes a turn illustrating his points with videos or slideshows. A variety of safeguards and measures are discussed with respect to the retail sales environment, including the use of masks, face shields, eye protection, plexiglass panels, and customer reservation/appointment applications. Backcountry gear is sure to be hot. Flexibility and creativity will be required with snowsports instruction, including changes to products, groupings, and booking practices. Children's programs may be subject to the most alteration or restriction. Eric shares a fun mogul skiing video. Phil describes the new Ski Selector feature on

This episode ends with some nice ski stokage. We are given a sneak peek at the trailer for Matchstick Productions' newest film, Huck Yeah! Dan closes with a final note; we might see things on the slopes this unique season that we've never seen before!