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  1. Chris Davenport Joins Peak Skis

    Press Release: Chris Davenport Joins Peak Skis

    Along with the industry-shaking press release below, Tricia and I spent some time with Andy Wirth, Bode Miller, and the newest addition to the Peak Skis all-star team, Chris Davenport. In this video, we discuss with Andy and Bode how they were able to corral Chris and bring his 15 years of...
  2. Bode Miller joins SCARPA as ski ambassador

    Press Release: Bode Miller joins SCARPA as ski ambassador

    Bode Miller joins SCARPA as ski ambassador The most successful American alpine ski racer of all time joins ski greats like Chris Davenport as SCARPA launches new GripWalk hybrid boot line. BOULDER, Colo. (Jan. 12, 2022) – SCARPA, the leading producer of footwear for mountain sports, today...
  3. SkiTalk Live with Dan Egan, Episode 12: Bode Miller (Jan 13, 2021, 50 min).

    SkiTalk Live: SkiTalk Live with Dan Egan, Episode 12: Bode Miller (Jan 13, 2021, 50 min).

    In this episode host and extreme skiing pioneer Dan Egan is joined by: Bode Miller, Olympic Champion and Chief Innovation Officer Crosson Skis Phil Pugliese, cofounder/owner of This episode is all about Bode Miller, the most successful male American alpine ski racer of all time. It...
  4. My Morning with Bode Miller

    Exclusive: My Morning with Bode Miller

    For the past few weeks, Bode’s people had been contacting our people to get Bode on our Facebook broadcast "SkiTalk with Dan Egan." If you recall, a few months ago we broke the story that Bode was joining Crosson Skis. It wasn’t public at that time, but Bode had already started getting ski...
  5. Sibhusky

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky gets Bode It looks like there will be another draw to Big Sky. Makes me wonder if he'll show up at races? Maybe I should start gatekeeping again. Will he forerun?
  6. Philpug

    2019 U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Recap

    We are spending another week with the Hall of Fame at their induction ceremony, this year in Park City, UT. Getting time to spend with the HoF members both old and new is always a treat. Here is the list of the class for 2019. There are parties to attend, elbows to rub, and the chance to ski...
  7. Philpug

    Comparison Review Ultra-Premium Ski Reviews: Kästle Supra and Bomber Pro Terrain

    When Kästles, Stöcklis, and Renouns become commonplace, it is time to elevate your options. I was invited to the Mudroom at Caldera House in Jackson Hole to test out Kästle’s Limited Edition 93mm Supra and Bomber’s new 84mm 50/50 ski, the Pro Terrain. The Mudroom’s manager, Gov Carrigan, made...
  8. Black Dog

    Mikaela with Bode interview.

    Saw Bode interviewing Mikaela on Eurosport on her Facebook page. Anybody know how to watch the full interview, or is this the complete one?
  9. athe0007

    Carving Styles?

    Hoping to keep this to some simple questions. I've been watching lesson videos in different styles of carving. Is the difference between Bode Miller and Harald Harb that Bode is doing a crossover and Hararld is doing a crossunder? Bode is weighting and unweighting and Harald is vertically...
  10. Primoz

    Can switching ski brands change the racers edge?

    @Swede I'm not sure Hargin lost it after switching to Head. He wasn't anywhere near where he was in last few years, but honestly, after something like what happened to him, I think he does it great, even if he's not top 3. Admin Edit: The first 24 posts in this thread were pulled from the...
  11. Mendieta

    Drill Phil McNichol and Bode Miller on carving

    I just came across this (older) video, which I saw before, and I absolutely love. This is Bode Miller (you might have heard about him, aka as the most successful US male racer in history) and Phil McNichol, ex USST Men's Head Coach. (These guys clearly know what they are talking about :D) I...
  12. J

    Independent Teams

    Should be interesting to see how these independent teams stack up against the USST regulars... Note Dan Leever of viral blog post fame is patron to Team America...
  13. Tricia

    Meet the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame Class of 2018

    Class of 2018 US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame Snowsport Pioneers Making History In August, over 250 industry advocates voted to determine the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame Class of 2018. The OUTSTANDING individuals listed below were selected from a pool of over 70 nominees to earn a spot...
  14. Speeder

    Cutting Off the Line

    In DH when coaches speak of "cutting off the line" what do they mean? Why wouldn't a racer ski the "cut off line" in training runs?
  15. Philpug

    2019 U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame Nominations

    ATHLETE BALLOT Bode Miller Andrew Weinbrecht Alison Owen Bradley Hillary Engisch-Klein Kristen Ulmer Dean Robert “Bob” Theobald BUILDER BALLOT Tom Kelly James Niehues Bill Jensen Roger Brown Tom Sims HERITAGE BALLOT Sherman Poppen Alan Schoenberger Barbara Alley Simon Don...
  16. Philpug

    Bode Miller's 19 Month Old Daughter Dies After Pool Accident

    The 19-month-old daughter of Olympic skier Bode Miller has drowned in a pool. Orange County sheriff's spokeswoman Carrie Braun says Emeline Miller died Sunday at a hospital. Braun says the death is under investigation. Capt. Tony Bommarito of the Orange County Fire Authority says paramedics...
  17. Lifer

    Opening the Door for Henrik? Does having a child impact one to subconciously take less risk?
  18. James

    Spoiler: PyeongChang 2018 Olympics

    We need a dedicated thread. EDIT: Go ahead and post live results in this thread. do not read this thread if you don't want to know. It is simply too complicated between NBC's broadcast prime time, posters living From Australia/NZ, Japan, to the PNW, and the ability to live stream. Note...
  19. James

    Kitzbuhel Time

    That time of year again for the Hahnenkamm and the slalom race. Steve Nyman was 2nd in training today, .08 back. Bryce Bennett and Thomas Biesemeyer were 20,21. On the course: "Fast, exciting, scary" On the first time: "...I...
  20. Started at 53


    I see that Steve Nyman participated in the training run today at Wengen He was one of eight American’s Ligety did as well. Nyman was the fastest.... of the American’s